Pushing towards Portraitures

So I have been doing a lot of abstracts for the past year or so. Maybe it is the simple fact that I am kind of afraid to approach people for photos, even when I know them. Inanimate objects don't move, you don't have to direct them, and they produce these stunning patterns that just seem so easy for the taking. 

Also, I need to get back to the core of my photography which is analog. I miss the editing process and the ability to really relish in the creation and patience of producing a satisfied photograph. That's my heart. That's what pushes me. After a very, very long time of not touching or even looking at my Seagull (twin lens reflex), I picked it up tonight and checked the apertures: It works! 

So with this knowledge, I will start again with film photography. Now, I must find a place that can develop my film on the cheap side and people to shoot. 

This is NY when I was given a surprise visit back last week.